"Helping Men, Women, and Couples Discover 
Their Own Truth For a Better Marriage."
Ingram & Atiya
 Who is Ingram & Atiya
We are a husband & wife team who’s making a difference throughout the world. For every journey and missions trip we make, at each stop we are beacons of light, harbingers of hope, and catalysts inspiring countless people to achieve joy, success, and fulfillment in life.

Our aim is to nurture the human spirit and create avenues for people to realize their dreams. We certainly are champions among champions and we are dedicated to helping to develop champions in life and encourage the cultivation of dynamic intimate relationships. While there’s no doubt that we are amazing talents individually, we have come to know that we are far greater and much more extraordinary working as a team.  

Love Truly is a Miracle!
Dr. Atiya K. Jones

I AM Dr. ATIYA K. Jones - The Marriage Strategist & Founder of The Marriage Tree

Over the past 27 years, I've  dedicated my life to honing my craft and indeed, my calling – to 
empower,  build and  maximize human  potential  by affecting  profound transformation in 
people’s  attitudes,  perspectives  and  behaviors.  I  have been  the catalyst responsible for 
inspiring countless  people worldwide to realize their dreams and achieve joy, success and 
fulfillment in life. 

Now I'm bringing all my past experiences, education, and business-development skills from my  considerable history as a speaker, author and life & purpose coach to focus on my core message: marital harmony ~ extended and profound. Yes! It is possible to have an enduring relationship that is a positive and rewarding experience for both partners. But like anything of value, it requires fine-tuning and the willingness to learn to navigate the intricacies and subtleties of the changes any marriage encounters during its lifetime. Marriage is organic – it changes, evolves, grows - or like many living things, without proper nurturing, it can deteriorate. But the good news is: it doesn’t have to break down. Building a history is a worthwhile, satisfying goal, as well as a tangible legacy for your children. 

I'm at once  charismatic, practical,  and upholds the greater good.  I'm a firm 
believer in the reality  of a happy and  satisfying long-term marriage. But I'm 
no PollyAnna, having personally encountered the vagaries of marriages over 
the past 24 years.  I've come through  them stronger and happier, gratefully 
committed, and I can help you  to achieve  the same result! I’ll be the first to 
say that what I'm going to show you won’t be easy, but I'm sure of one thing – 
it will definitely be worth it! 

You deserve to live a life filled with mutual inspiration and genuine respect. 
I have the resources – intellectually and empathetically - to guide you to 
fruitful solutions that will not only positively-impact your relationship, 
but, as importantly, will leave you personally empowered. 
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a Marketplace Ministry of the I AM Network

Relationship coaching & mentoring to couples and individuals from diverse backgrounds and minority communities worldwide.

                                               INGRAM - Relationship Mentor 

                                               Ingram, named U.K.'s  National Champion, was born  in London to parents of Caribbean descent.
                                               He is a servant leader,  visionary,  entrepreneur, and  innovative thinker who is a founding leader
                                               of the I AM Network, and the founder of BaylorIC Worldwide-TV. 

With an extensive background working with youth for over 17-years in the educational sector and community, Ingram has an impressive list of accomplishments, beyond the I AM Network platform and BaylorIC Worldwide-TV. He has a demonstrated track record of being an award-winning cricket coach, four time kwik cricket champion (coach), and professional sports journalist. Although Ingram has a plethora of experience in sports and the media, he has also worked in the hospitality industry and served as a Restorative Justice Officer in the primary school system. 

Ingram studied Community Journalism at Cardiff University, Media Studies at Tottenham College both in the United Kingdom, and accepted into an honours program for Journalism & Visual Media at Griffith College in Ireland. He achieved his level II cricket certification at Middlesex CCB and his boxing tutor qualifications at the Amatuer Boxing Association in London. 

Ingram brings hope to all those around him. After overcoming a 7-year battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome during which the doctors said that he will never live a happy and “normal” life without the use of medication, he proved that the spirit is much stronger and is living healthily bearing witness of a higher power and presence and demonstrating that with perseverance and the Power of The One, all things are possible. Today he continues his service and without the use of medication.

The Gift of Transparency is one we give others we are called to support and uplift. Regardless of your individual journey in life, you are an amazing gift and you are deserving of nothing less than my truthful and authentic self. The Light in me Honors and Respects the Light in You. Namaste.   
                                      -  Dr.  A T I Y A  K.  Jones
"Marriage is learning how to live with someone during all seasons, and not just when the sun is shining."  -  Dr. ATIYA K. Jones